crazy baby

crazy baby gone crazy crazy baby
crazy fucking bessie smith singing crazy
you make my crazy love come down
down down
crazy in the wee small hours
after never on sunday
crazy on the greek sweet wine
stripping on the front seat
over the stick
turned away from the streetlamps
showing me your crazy lovelies
grinding your crazy into my hand
i love your strong right arm
gone baby girl fucking crazy mine
hot as a twodollar pistol
and headed straight to jail
on a crazy saturday night
you said dont drive like you live
baby gone crazy down all over me
gone baby like infinite myriad crazies
crazy bloodless pallor soft in my black hands
squeezing your white crazies as hard as i can
and your hands hot like burning snow
down my black belly
white around my black balls
my black cock
i am your nigger
come to show you
coming beautiful
as i bring you
to your senses
i am your dark dark man from the jungle of Know
and i am what you want
to save you from your crazy crazy

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