A Descendant of Jefferson Davis regarding the Confederate flag and South Carolina

Jenny Horne South Carolina Representative from Charleston, a descendant of Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy, addresses her colleagues on the urgent need to remove the Confederate flag from the State House grounds:

I think that the people of this country are turning a corner in our political life and our political purposes; and I believe that the business-as-usual crowd, particularly in the American South, plan to ignore this turning point.  Indeed, they have ignored it since it became obvious in the election of 2008, and they and their fathers have ignored it for more than a century before that.  Such ignorance has a price. Thus far in our history that price has been paid by the working people of this country, and of the South, in particular; rather than being paid for by the people who lead in and profit from ignorance.  The time has come for the Southern ruling class, along with all the others, to pay their debt to the rest of us, and that debt, long overdue, carries a heavy rate of interest.

Every penny must be paid.

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